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Now I see they did work hard – just in a different way. I thought, "I'll have some of that." So I did.'She convinced the director of The Tudors that she should come out from behind the camera, and promptly did so with a rather raunchy love scene with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who played Henry VIII.

Bradley felt angry and hurt at the sight of them together."Isn't this great Bradley! " Colin's words pierced through him like a sharp blade."Yes, I love him, so very very much." Katie leaned in towards Colin and kissed him.

Bradley took their comments as harsh cruel whips across his skin. Bradley woke up twisting and turning and muttering strange words. It was all a dream, he laughed a little to ease himself- a little. His heart was still pounding fast, so he started taking deep breaths; in and out slowly.

Pity the pretty young actress who makes a name for herself in the world of TV costume dramas. Then there is the realisation that no floaty dress you wear in real life will ever compare.

Just a few years ago she landed a job as a wardrobe assistant on the set of the BBC series The Tudors.

That in itself was no mean feat, given that she had no experience.