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I was never addicted to any one drug or another, but I was addicted to getting high, to getting outside my body, outside my mind. I’m done with this.” My grandparents happen to be filthy rich, and so I got shipped off to boot camp.

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So then I was homeless, living with friends, going from couch to couch. I was dropping acid, taking literally any pill I could get my hands on, crunching, snorting, having sex with people I would’ve never had sex with. It was a school for gifted girls with behavior problems. I’m going to be a go-go dancer.” Then I saw an ad for porn: “Do you want to make ,000 a month? ” Of course I’m hanging out with black guys, of course, of course… He didn’t rape me or anything, but I was looking at him the whole time, thinking, Oh my god this is a celebrity. If he’s involved, then they must have a lot of power. But the guy holding me hostage pulled out guns—he had so many guns—and all of his friends were hiding in the trees. ” I don’t know how many different kinds of drugs I had in my system—crank, meth, whatever they were making me snort. I had no concept of where I was or what was going on.There was no rape kit, and I’d admitted to having been high, so my testimony was already on shaky ground. I found out later that he was wanted in New York for pimping and pandering. I came from vanilla middle of nowhere where things like that don’t happen. Anyhow, he ended up getting arrested years later for something else. The only reason I know who he is is because my fiancé loves basketball.T: Lots of well-known people out there have propositioned me. I wanted the sound guy, I wanted the lighting guy, I wanted the camera man, I wanted all my fans, even my agent, I even wanted my agent to wish he could goddamn experience me.Of course, all his friends were his age, and I was thirteen or fourteen. In order to cope, I think I just decided that I was here for somebody else’s pleasure, that I existed to be whatever they wanted, to become their fantasy—the car they saw in the window. I was thirteen-years old, and I’d just been raped by somebody at my school, somebody who I knew and saw all the time, and sitting there with this guy who’d been through something similar, I had this moment, this epiphany: Oh my god, you’re a person too. Even to this day, there are moments when I’m making love to my fiancé, and I’ll have a flashback, and there’s nothing I can do except to say, “Ummm, can you hang on for just a minute.” And then I just have to burst into tears.The only thing you can do is take care of that hurt inside of you.I was sitting there signing autographs, listening to my fans say, “Oh my God Tori!