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It could be work-related." Mr Jason Wong, chairman of Focus on the Family Singapore and founder of the Dads For Life movement, says technology can be a tool to build relationships.For instance, he uses it to keep in touch with his daughter who is studying overseas.Counsellors say that the different backgrounds, cultures and upbringing of couples can cause tension in a relationship.

In the Prudential survey, couples say what they argue over include children and money.He says: "If you go back 20 years, you wouldn't have parents who needed to play games on the computer." He too has seen cases of husbands complaining about the wife who is always always on the mobile phone and vice versa.He says: "If you have your phone all the time, that behaviour can be very suspicious.But here's a startling statistic for those glued to their mobile devices.One in four couples fight over the amount of time spent on the phone.Their partners prefer spending time with their mobile phones and not them, said 32 per cent of respondents.