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According to the Inquisitr, Geiger and Stone dated between 20.
The former tween heartthrob also opened up about his brief relationship with Demi, revealing that it was the Sunny With A Chance star's well documented emotional and drug issues that broke the pair up.

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Sex is less of a priority because there’s always tomorrow night.As for saying, ‘I love you’ – so important at the end of a long-distance Skype call when you’re retiring to bed alone – it’s easily taken for granted when you can go to sleep in each other’s arms.Now he has had to get used to seeing me slumming around in my dressing gown with no make-up on.My mystique is ruined, although he doesn’t seem to mind.He wanted to experience living in London, and found it easier to cut ties than I would have done (and there’s always Skype and Facebook to help him keep in touch with loved ones), but I do feel a big sense of responsibility to make sure he’s happy here, and to help him find work and build a life.‘When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you don’t have time to argue, because you can’t afford to lose precious time together,’ continues Marshall. What generally happens is that people bury stuff, which isn’t healthy.Instead, you need to be able to talk about your problems and find solutions.’For the first couple of weeks after Mickael moved in, I had to hold myself back from following him into every room. I was so used to needing to make every moment together count that I found it hard to act like a normal person.

While a minority of couples are happy to live apart from each other indefinitely, Andrew G Marshall, a marital therapist and author of Build a Life-long Love Affair, says that, for most couples, there comes a time when if a long-distance relationship is to survive, it has to become live-in.‘Humans are social creatures who, ultimately, want to be with their nearest and dearest.It’s as simple as how wonderful it is to be able to wake up with someone and have a cuddle.Mickael and I saw each other so rarely that, even after three years, we still had butterflies whenever we met. Every dinner we cooked for each other felt like a date, we could kiss for hours, and sex was always fresh and spontaneous because it wasn’t on offer regularly.But when you move in together, this level of intensity is impossible to sustain; normal life gets in the way, and you soon fall into a routine.‘It’s fine to follow someone else’s rules when you are staying with them for a weekend, but when you move in together the rules have to change.