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As a result she was forced to take care of the Lincoln home and children on her own.

From all accounts when he was home Lincoln was a very permissive father and let the children run wild. When he was offered the Governorship of Oregon Mary encouraged him to decline the office.

She claimed to have been visited by the ghosts of three former Presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and John Tyler.

Life in the White House had its ups and downs for Mary Lincoln.

Her acquaintance with Lincoln lasted a month at most before she returned to her home in Kentucky. The way Herndon tells the story, Lincoln said, “If Mary Owens ever returned to Illinois a second time he would marry her.” As a result they spent more time together on her second trip to New Salem.

Mary Owens was the exact opposite of Abraham Lincoln.

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About the beginning of the year 1838 I left Illinois, and our acquaintance and correspondence ceased.”For his part Lincoln wrote a letter to Mrs. I knew she was over-size, but she now appeared a fair mate for Falstaff…her skin was too full of fat to permit it contracting into wrinkles, but from her want of teeth, weather-beaten appearance in general, and from a kind of notion that ran in my head that nothing could have commenced at the size of infancy and reached her present bulk in less than 35 or 40 years; and, in short, I was not at all pleased with her. ”It was an obvious jab at Mary Owens for leaving him, and most likely helped Lincoln get over his disappointment with the way the relationship ended. Browning by saying, “I have now come to the conclusion never again to think of marrying, and for this reason I can never be satisfied with anyone who would be blockheaded enough to have me.” was a breath of fresh air when she first visited Springfield in 1837.They spent their first two years together living at the Globe Tavern at Springfield.Two years later they moved into their own home at Springfield where they would spend the rest of their time together, other than their years in the White House., the President’s secretary, described her as a “hellcat.” Some of her problems can be explained by her situation.She was twenty years old; stood five feet, two inches tall; had reddish brown hair; blue eyes; and had studied at the Shelby Female Academy, and Madame Charlotte Le Clere Montelle’s boarding school.She spoke French, and was the product of a wealthy family.Her father Robert Todd was a prominent Kentucky merchant and politician, the father of fifteen children, and owned hundreds of slaves. It is sure that Elizabeth Edwards and her husband found Lincoln a strange suitor.