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Because both my partner and I identified as queer before we met — and because I met him after he began his transition — we've never had to navigate the often tumultuous waters of being in love while one partner transitions.
We are inviting speakers on blockchain, including researchers, regulators, innovators, and visionaries willing to shape the roadmap for blockchain economy.

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ENIAC was introduced at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946, at which time it was the first general-purpose electronic computer, and dubbed “Giant Brain” by the press.

Its original purpose was the calculation of artillery firing tables, but it ended up being used early on to make calculations necessary for the development of the hydrogen bomb.

Apparently the term “spam”, used for unwanted email, is taken from a “Monty Python” sketch.

In the sketch (which I’ve seen) the dialog is taken over by the word Spam, a play on the glut of canned meat in the markets of Britain after WWII.

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the very first offer of stock for sale by a company on the open market.

In other words, an IPO marks the first time that a company is traded on a public exchange.

Today’s Republic of Cyprus replaced the Cypriot pound with the euro in 2008.

However, the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus continues to use the Turkish lira, which was introduced following a unilateral declaration of independence for that part of the island in 1983. It’s a verb commonly used in card games like bridge and whist.

Back where I come from, bachelor parties are called stag parties, and bachelorette parties are known as hen parties.

A fez is a red cylindrical hat worn mainly in North Africa, and by Shriners here in the US.

The fez used to be a very popular hat across the Ottoman Empire.

The verb “to wrest” can mean to obtain by violent twisting and pulling.

The word “wrest” derives from the Middle English “wresten” meaning “to twist”. A “precinct” is a defined area, often in a city, that is established for administrative purposes.