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These equations define the peculiarity of the state variables, the environment factors so to speak, of a system.

These parameters of a system change in a continuous way and thus change the state of the entire system.

Their first publication strongly suggested that the Navy was wasting a lot of money through the inconclusive flight-testing of missiles, but that the Simulation Council's analog computer could provide better information through the simulation of flights.

Since that time continuous simulation has been proven invaluable in military and private endeavors with complex systems.

A continuous simulation of sales implies the possibility of fractional sales e.g. For that reason, a continuous simulation of sales does not model reality but nevertheless may make useful predictions that match a discrete simulation's predictions for whole numbers of sales.

Continuous simulations are based on a set of differential equations.

For example, using a continuous simulation to model a live population of animals may produce the impossible result of 1/3 of a live animal .

This model is typical for revealing the dynamics of populations.

As long as the population of the prey is on the rise, the predators population also rises, since they have enough to eat.

A continuous simulation of population dynamics represents an approximation of the population effectively fitting a curve to a finite set of measurements/points.

In continuous simulation, the continuous time response of a physical system is modeled using ODEs, embedded in a conceptual model.