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He is busy with his job and is also seen spending lots of time with his daughter.
Outside the deluge splashes and trickles down the bedroom window, the beating of the rain matching the pounding of my heart as I try and stay the calm detached street pro.

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Physical and sexual abuses are not the only dangers confronting today’s young women.This study shows that abusing dating partners via email and text also produces harm to physical wellness.

In another sense, this digital dating environment creates a new kind of danger, one that still harms young women physically and emotionally.

It is important, says the lead researcher, that we begin to teach boys at young ages how to have a healthy relationship. The technology is exciting, but we need to educate the next generation about how to use it respectfully.

It’s so easy to be verbally ugly when people aren’t face to face and the results are damaging.

What they found was that a new dating format often equals a new way to abuse a dating partner.

We understand what physical or sexual abuse means, but what constitutes online dating abuse?